Working at Home:  How To Deal with Back Pain

Working at Home: How To Deal with Back Pain

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Today’s fast-paced society and advancements in technology result in different working styles made available to the current workforce. More workers are choosing to work from home with the flexibility of schedule and the comfort of one’s own home. Like when working in an office setup, back pain is one of the problems that come with working at home. In fact, according to Wilson (2018), back pain has become a widespread problem that it is considered a global disability affecting  80% of adults all over the world.  


Make Sure to Keep the Muscle Moving

When dealing with back pain, it is important to make sure that the muscle is not kept at a standstill. The key is to keep it moving and this may be a bit hard when you are focusing on work while sitting in your own workstation. Serious problems will arise over time when too much sitting is experienced (Lunney, 2017). To keep the muscle moving, take a break from work and do one of these things:





Exercising is a sure activity to keep the muscle on your back moving. Low-impact exercises that benefit the back is recommended, including yoga and the following poses:

  • Child’s Pose
  • Cat-cow Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Downward & Upward Dog Poses




More than just exercising, simple stretches are enough to make sure that your back muscles don’t clam up. Slumping over one’s desk can be harmful on your back that is why it is important to take time to stretch your back and legs. Taking a break every 20 minutes and stretching your body for 30 seconds are the recommended tips to make the activity effective. 

More than just keeping the muscle moving, these are some practical tips offered by Mayo Clinic to prevent back pain when working at home:

  • Pay attention to your posture
  • Modify or avoid repetitive movements
  • Lift anything using knees & not back

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can help big time when it comes to back pain. And these are the things to do to improve your current lifestyle:


  • Get enough sleep which means around 7 to 9 hours of rest every night
  • Have an excellent supportive pillow to prop up your neck and back
  • Try to reduce and manage your stress by undergoing relaxing activities (deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, yoga, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation)
  • Watch your weight since being overweight can stress the spine
  • Kick harmful habits, from smoking to drinking alcohol


Utilize Heat & Cold Therapy


Heat and cold therapies have been used as two of the most effective home remedies against back pain.

According to the University of Maryland School of Medicine Physical Therapy associate professor, E. Anne Reicherter believes that cold compress can help cover-up pain and support the back by helping muscles to relax. Other people prefer heat more than just the cold but it is necessary to take off the ice or hot pack every after 20 minutes of application. 

Working at home poses a lot of advantages, feeling more comfort surrounded by personal and familiar things and the environment.

Just like working in the office, it also takes hard work that can push the body to its limit. And these methods can help you take care of your body, particularly your back.

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