My Mentors

I AM truly grateful to all of you who have supported my organic product development and helped me in many ways.

Through your Support and Mentorship, “The Soothie° Cushion” has become a great Success!

Allen Bennet
Amy Miller
Ashley Teems
Brandon Futch
Brenda Stanton
Capella University
Carlos Franco
Carman Tyler
Cheryl Rubman
Clover and Ken Ryan
Craig Urbine
Dania Beach Lions Club
Darius Weems
David and Eric Blum
Deon Wolliston
Donzi Cole
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Eric Dickerson
Eva Longoria - RFK with Cancer
Giovanni and Todd Saint Pierre
Jan Hanak
Jennifer Viator
Jorge Azor
Kandee G
Lakshman Rajeswaran
LeRoy Irvin
Lisa Banes
Lynn Hilt
Mary Lou Breines
Myia FitzGerald
Nona Corriveau
Pamela Davenport Merritt
Perry Isenberg
Peter Oxios
Phil Bittker
Rally for Kids with Cancer-Canada
Richard Dent
Rimoli Family
Rosa Asencio - ARG Apparel Corp.
Scot Shane
Scott Logvin - Liquid UPC
Serena Dyer Pisoni
Shannon Beck
Shantdeep Kaur - Laura White
Sopurkha Kaur -Kristen Uj
Stacey Schrager
Suzanne Friedman
Suzette Henry
Sylvia Olano
Teri Goldsmith
Vesture Corp (Wayne Baldwin)
Victoria Payne
Vincent - EXTRA Trading
Zonnia Leong Knight

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

— Oprah Winfrey