Practically everyone I knew suffered from back pain. Mostly from sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day (or more), which most people do. I was determined to find an effective solution. Something easy, convenient, no plugs or batteries and no messy cold packs. I couldn't find an answer. So, I invented one.

In 2007 the Soothie° cushion was born. Though I prototyped it, initially, as A Better Back, it didn't take me long to realize it could help relieve all kinds of chronic pain conditions. No more pill-popping. Our society seems to have a med for everything, but we're starting to see the price of painkillers as the opioid epidemic continues to sweep over the nation.

The Soothie° team and I have a goal: educate people on how they can take care of themselves without the use of prescriptions or chemicals. Hot and cold therapy has been used for thousands of years. However, there is nothing like Soothie° and the ability to use BOTH hot and cold therapy at the same time.

Our first mission was to help improve the posture of online college students at an online University. By using their Soothie° cushions to self-administer hot & cold therapy the students were able to relieve their insufferable pain. Their response? They were more awake and alert throughout their hours of study.

It didn't take long for college coaches and athletes to discover Soothie° as well. They continue to show its appreciation for Soothie° cushion's heating and cooling properties because they know it is proven to speed muscle recovery and prevent injuries. Because Soothie° is safe and easy to travel with, it can be used on the bus, in their hotel room, on the plane, or anywhere else.

The product we offer today is the result of over a decade of product development, testing, and research. Soothie° has touched the lives of professionals in the chiropractic industry, the trucking industry, and more. Quilters, electricians, crafters, secretaries, and computer programmers all love their Soothie° cushions, too. Some use it as a safety item providing easy, hands-free protection from temperature extremes when working outside in the heat or cold. We are extremely proud to see and hear the overwhelmingly positive response from our men and women in uniform at The Pentagon.

We are invested in prescription free pain relief and it is such an honor to bring comfort, better health and wellness to all, one body at a time.


Claudia Rimoli

Founder, Soothie°

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