Back Pain Facts First-Time Moms Should Know

Back Pain Facts First-Time Moms Should Know

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Back pain for First-time moms is regularity in a mother’s life and first-time mothers should be aware of what it brings. While motherhood is the miracle of life, with it comes a lot of pain, not just in terms of labor but also with the back pain that comes after (Spine & Orthopedic Center). Dealing with back pain is just one of the responsibilities that mothers would have to be accountable for.



First-time mothers are given the relief of having less back pain compared to those who already got pregnant with the extra weight they gained with their firstborn. It is more likely to worsen while taking care of the baby, especially since they are required to lift and carry their babies anytime and anywhere they need to. From lifting a baby weighing 7 to 10 pounds to a baby that weighs 15 to 30pounds. As the baby’s weight increases, the mother’s baggage also increases, which would require mothers to have stronger core strength. 

In addition to the mother’s weight and the increasing weight of the baby, there is also a possibility of the muscle losing control over their abdominal muscles and pelvic floor (White, 2016). Both help to stabilize the spine, and without them, it can be expected that the back will be affected. 


    Restoring Your Strength through Exercises

    After giving birth, it is relevant for mothers to renew their strength, especially with the sleepless nights and heavy lifting that comes ahead. Pelvic floor exercises, especially Kegel exercises. In fact, with the demand for childcare from mothers, it is necessary to work out daily.

    This is also recommended for mothers who underwent C-section as long as they had the go signal from their doctors.

    Kegel exercises include the contraction of the body’s pelvic floor. The recommended routine is contracting and holding it for 10 seconds for starters and acceleration to 30 seconds once comfortable and used to it. Repeat it for 10 to 15 times for effectiveness. 


    When to Call the Doctor


    While back pain may become a normalcy for mothers, it is also important to find out when it is needed to call and visit your doctor. There is also a possibility of back pain being an indication of a more serious problem.


    Some of the signs to look out to know when to visit the expert includes:


    • A weakness of the ankle and foot
    • Consistent and unrelenting fever
    • Immediate and surprising weight loss
    • Tingling and numbness of the feet and legs
    • Incontinence and other irregularities in bladder or bowel function
    • Increased nightly pains waking you up from sleep


    Helpful Tips when Managing Back Pain


    Dealing with back pain would require mothers to know some ways to avoid and treatments, especially when they need to do some heavy lifting every day. According to the University of Maryland Orthopedic Surgery clinic professor Alan M. Levine, mothers are required to lift their baby, weighing 7 to 10 pounds, 50 times a day. This just becomes more difficult as the child’s weight increases (Grayson Mathis, 2001).


    This is the reason why it is a must to learn about these following helpful tips:

    • Use a carrier or front pack rather than holding the baby on your hip
    • Do strengthening exercises to improve muscle strength (Starting from mild stretching exercises after birth)
    • Lift with your knees and not your back or spine
    • Try to get back to your healthy weight
    • Use the right posture when breastfeeding and carrying the baby
    • A hot and cold compress can help minimize your back pain
    • Using ergonomic pillows to support your back during breastfeeding or sleeping.


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