Avoid Back Pain While You Work at Home

Avoid Back Pain While You Work at Home

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Working at home means that you do not have access to all the advanced facilities and amenities a modern office normally has, from a well-supplied and designed workstation to office furniture and supplies.

If certain amenities could have aided in easing back pain brought by sitting in front of the desk for a long time, you won’t be able to use them. In this case, you would need to take care of it on your own and structure your workstation to be more ergonomic for your productivity.


Create Sit-stand Workstation



A sit-stand workstation is an office desk that enables you to easily transition from standing to sitting and vice versa. Since back pain normally comes from inactiveness when at work, it is necessary to frequently change positions the entire day and not to stay in a single posture. With this, a lot of offices prefer sit-stand desks to be installed in their workstations, enabling easy movement for employees. 


A sit-stand desk is also known to promote the proper posture that can help prevent back pain. Considering buying an ergonomic product is considered a health investment.

Some of the considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing a are the following:

  • Manufacturer’s claims and product design
  • Research evidence
  • Customer reviews
  • Your comfort and compatibility when using the product


Factors to Consider for your Workstation

Some of the workstation factors that can affect one’s back condition according to NHS.uk include:


  • Seating posture
  • Flexible height desk
  • Chair height
  • Desk equipment layout
  • Mouse and keyboard positions
  • Computer screen position


Ergonomic Tips You Can Use for Your Workstation

According to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is possible to help manage back pain simply through proper ergonomics.


Here are some ergonomic tips to be applied on your workstation:

  • Choose an ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support and comfortable backrest
  • Set-up your computer screen at eye level to avoid neck and shoulder fatigue
  • Adjust keyboard where elbows are bent 90 degrees in approximate when typing
  • Adjust your workstation chair in the right height and tilt to provide more comfort while working
  • Make sure to plant your feet on the floor while working with the appropriate back support
  • If an ergonomic chair is unavailable, you can never go wrong with ergonomic pillows that can support your back
  • Make sure to use computer glasses if you are using lenses for bad sight
  • Keep both the keyboard and mouse close to your thighs when using them and pose at 90-degree angle with your hips and knees


Always make sure you are comfortable with your workstation. From your posture to every movement you make when working.


Avoid back pain while working productively at the comfort of your home.

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