Hot and Cold Therapy

Some Like it HOT


Heat therapy dilates blood vessels in your muscles, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients. This helps damaged tissues heal.

Use it for up to 30 minutes at a time to keep your body from overheating. When your body returns back to its normal temperature, you can use it again.

Some Like it COLD


Cold therapy decreases inflammation and numbs sore tissues to provide relief. Cold therapy reduces circulation by contracting your veins. Once you remove the cold pack, your veins overcompensate and dilate, which allows blood to rush in. This brings necessary nutrients to the affected area.

Use for up to 10 minutes at a time every hour. Don't overdo it! Often, overdoing cold therapy can increase inflammation or swelling as your body overcompensates for the


Some Like BOTH


It doesn't matter whether you've just finished a rough exercise session or whether you've got a chronic pain condition to contend with. Therapeutic contrasting speeds your recovery.

Contrasting hot and cold therapy, right after the other, forces your muscles to adapt to each form of stimuli. This promotes faster healing and recovery while relieving pain. People have been combining hot and cold therapy for thousands of years.

Just remember to always finish a contrast session with cold, and avoid open wounds. It's especially important to avoid contrast therapy after surgery, as it can increase your chances of infection and bleeding.